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Our Core Values

Verdacity is founded on a set of values that guides our work and keeps us grounded.

  1. We produce high quality, well-founded work. a. We are respected experts in the field of architecture and building science. b. We base our recommendations on reliable sources. c. We are a bridge between cutting edge research and practical design.

  2. Our services are well-integrated and reliable. a. We work well with all types of people and project teams. b. We help people work better together. c. We are respectful of schedules and budgets. d. We are responsive and available. e. The success of each project is our primary goal.

  3. Our interactions are cheerful and easy to implement. a. We are friendly and optimistic. b. Our ideas and recommendations are easy to understand. c. People like working with us; they enjoy the experience and see clear value. e. We practice with a sense of humility. f. Our goal is to exceed all expectations.

  4. Who we are and what we do makes a positive difference. a. We enable others to think differently and to do better. b. We encourage each other to try new things, to fail, and to grow. c. We are steadfast in our commitment to a sustainable future. d. We are getting better each day.

  5. Our culture affirms health and well-being. a. The strategies that we recommend create healthy environments for our clients. b. Our own workspace sustains long-term well-being. c. We encourage a healthy and balanced lifestyle for each other.

  6. We are clear on our role into the future.

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