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"The early modeling and analysis that they have provided us has given us significant information to help guide design thinking early in the project. This input continued as the design progressed, allowing us to make smarter decisions as we refined the design."

- Michael Tingley, BORA Architects

IMAGE CREDIT: Jessica Roybal

Understanding where to start is key to knowing where you'll end up. We work alongside our clients to establish metrics for building performance, occupant wellness, and ecological health. In the process, we make complex concepts approachable, overcome cultural obstacles to change, and prepare guidelines for constructing, maintaining, and/or expanding your building project using environmentally sound principles that affirm a resilient and sustainable future.

During the design phase, Verdacity works with architects and engineers to study how climate specific conditions inform building massing, systems selection, and occupant comfort. Our analysts provide input that helps buildings achieve daylight autonomy, energy independence, carbon neutrality, and building envelope durability. We become a key part of your team as the design evolves, and follow it through to completion to affirm that best intentions are met.

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