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Fall Back, Move Forward

We love observing nature changing with the seasons at Verdacity, especially in the Fall. No matter what ecosystem you call home, you can find amazing examples of nature's resiliency during times of extreme weather and scarcity of resources. This weekend our clocks in the U.S. are poised to "fall back", but we can't help looking forward to what's around the corner. This year we were named one of Albuquerque Business First's Best Places to Work, we welcomed new teammates and client relationships, and we celebrated awards & certifications for projects we're a part of. We've also had to adapt to current circumstances requiring us to work away from the office & each other, and continue to examine the relationship between human health and indoor environments with a new urgency.

This Fall, at some point, take a quiet moment and observe the changes happening in the nature around you. Look for examples of organisms adapting to the circumstances around them and their determination to keep moving forward. We're hoping they inspire you as much as they do us!


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