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Verdacity envisions a world where all buildings are functionally indistinguishable from their surrounding natural environment and contribute positively to the everyday experience of building inhabitants. We strive each day to have a positive influence on the communities where we live and work with the goal of creating exceptional value for our clients. That's why our services are built around communicating the amazing achievements of the owners and AEC teams behind every project we contribute to.

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People Affected

Human health & wellbeing is fundamental to our practice! The more building occupants we can positively influence, the better.



Water Saved (Gallons)

In 2021 we saved the equivalent of 10 Olympic swimming pools full of potable water from being wasted.



Energy Saved (kWh)

Our energy strategies saved enough equivalent CO2 to charge 680,600,000 smartphones! That's a lot of cat videos.



Carbon Reduction (kg)

The amount of CO2 we saved is the same as 40 blue whales, 60 space shuttles, or 500 Tyrannosaurus rex.

ICON CREDIT: Vitaly Gorbachev, Flaticon



CNM Max II   055_EDIT SM.jpg
Central New Mexico Community College Max Salazar Building

This 5-story, 120,000 SF facility is a pivotal gateway for students and visitors to CNM's main campus in Albuquerque, New Mexico. One of only ten LEED Platinum Certified commercial buildings in the state, the project's sustainable design features celebrate its location in a high desert climate.

IMAGE CREDIT: Patrick Coulie


Laguna CHC 37.jpg
Laguna Community Health Center

The Laguna Community Health Center is a clinic for the Laguna Pueblo community and is located at the K'awaika Center, Laguna, NM. The Pueblo's goal was to build a space that promotes continued wellness throughout the community. The 16,000 sf facility includes exam rooms, a retail pharmacy, labs, and community/conference areas. In 2021 it won NAIOP New Mexico's Eagle Award for Community projects under 17,000sf.

IMAGE CREDIT: Patrick Coulie


Tres Volcanes-3-Kirk Gittings.jpg
Tres Volcanes Community Collaborative School

Tres Volcanes is the second iteration of a new K-Through-8 model based on a prototype design to support Albuquerque’s growing northwest community. The 217,000 sf school is meant to blend elementary and middle school to celebrate the differences and commonalities between age groups to foster an environment of mentorship and community. The facility is LEED Gold Certified.

IMAGE CREDIT: Kirk Gittings


Sandia National Laboratories 
LEED v4 Campus Certification

This effort not only resulted in a campus-wide sustainable design/construction/operation manual for Sandia Labs, but it’s also an ongoing cultural guidance program that encompasses over 1,200 acres and 13,000 employees in two states. The project received a USGBC Health Leadership Award in 2019, and the U.S. Department of Energy’s Sequoia Award for sustainability leadership in 2018.

IMAGE CREDIT: Sandia National Laboratories


Exterior-Chambers Rendering_DPS HB.jpg
Bernalillo County Alvarado Square

Bernalillo County’s consolidation and relocation of multiple offices and departments into a single 300,000sf facility at Alvarado Square in Downtown Albuquerque gave them the opportunity to implement sustainability and employee wellbeing strategies. The project included renovation to the existing 280,000sf, 8-story building and additional 20,000sf of new construction to accommodate over 2,500 employees and create a central operations hub for the entire County government. It achieved a 2-Star Fitwel Rating in 2021, as well as NAIOP New Mexico's Eagle Award for Community Projects over 100,000sf.

IMAGE CREDIT: Dekker/Perich/Sabatini

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