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Founder's Statement

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Architecture is a profession that carries a great deal of responsibility towards managing both human and ecological resources.

In 2000, I was called to embark on a business venture that would focus solely on sustainable design practices.  As a practicing professional, I pursued the vision of a more sustainable world, and of course, was met with challenge.  I discovered quickly that starting a firm based solely on passion would not be successful unless a framework was established to support its vision.

​​In 2002, I became the third LEED accredited professional in New Mexico.  As a result of sharing the pillars of the LEED rating system, I was asked to guide a project through the process of certification.  This school building on the Navajo Nation went on to become the first LEED certified building in the country for the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the first for the Navajo Nation, and the first in New Mexico.  Soon thereafter, I began to build a reputation for guiding complex projects through the challenges of energy efficient, environmentally appropriate design.

Baca Dlo’Ay Azhi School, Prewitt, NM

Being involved in so many firsts presented me with opportunities to share my experience.  Highlights include several courses on sustainable design through the University of New Mexico School of Architecture and Planning, a community workshop to facilitate the implementation of the New Mexico Governor’s Green Building Executive Order, a multi-state workshop for school districts sponsored by the Center for Green Schools, and a course for construction apprentices sponsored by the National Council of Construction Education and Research to name a few.  Not long after, I became USGBC LEED Faculty and began to teach LEED curriculum locally, online, and around the country.

Founders Collage3.jpg

In following my passion to bridge the built environment with the natural world, I went on to study with Biomimicry 3.8, and in 2011 became a member of the first cohort of Biomimicry Specialists.  In 2017, I attained my Masters of Biomimicry from Arizona State University.  My approach to building a business, as well as advising my clients is deeply rooted in the patterns of nature.  My desire to further link health outcomes with building design led me to gain the WELL AP credential in 2015 and my appointment to the Urban Land Institute's Health Leadership Network in 2017.  Finally, I am proud to be named a Business First 2018 Women of Influence Honoree.

So what about Verdacity?

Verdacity was established in 2013 to affirm our role as one of the leading building sustainability consulting firms in the United States.  Verdacity means several things.  Verde (green in Spanish) + City.  Veracity (truth) + Audacity (boldness).  A bold statement affirming our authentic commitment to making greener places, and to honoring our part in the natural world.

In 2017, Verdacity was honored as Consultant of the Year by the New Mexico's American Institute of Architects; in 2019, we were presented with the Sustainable Design + Resiliency Award for achieving the largest LEED Campus certification in the United States to date.  For consecutive years, Verdacity has been named one of New Mexico's Fastest Growing Companies and Best Places to Work.  More recently, we have expanded our services to include corporate sustainability planning with a focus on climate action.  We believe that access to energy, clean air and fresh water is an unequivocal right for all species on earth. How we operate our buildings and our organizations can be a driver of change.

We continue to be grateful to work with conscientious owner's representatives, architects, and building professionals to move our society towards a more sustainable future.  It is the success of these relationships that makes our impact exponential.

  • New Mexico Licensed Architect 3470

  • Colorado Licensed Architect 306006

  • LEED Fellow

  • LEED Accredited Professional, BD+C, ID+C & O+M 

  • Guiding Principles Compliance Fellow


  • Fitwel Ambassador

  • Green Globes Professional

  • Biomimicry Specialist
  • Master of Science in Biomimicry, Arizona State University, 2017

  • Bachelor of Architecture, The Catholic University of America 1994

  • Bachelor of Science in Architecture, The Catholic University of America 1993

Speaking Engagements
  • Leveraging Version 4.1 to Achieve LEED Platinum Certification in Schools, Greenbuild San Francisco, November 2022

  • Women in Green Panel Discussion Event, USGBC Mountain Region, August 2021

  • Biomimicry and Architecture, Marywood School of Architecture, Scranton PA, August 2020

  • Biomimicry: A Design Tool for Desert Environments, Santa Fe AIA, March 2020

  • Professional Practice, University of New Mexico, 2018 & 2019

  • The Built Environment’s Impact on Human Health, University of New Mexico, October 2019

  • Connecting People with Buildings for Optimal Health, 2019 IFMANM Spring Conference, May 2019

  • Occupant Wellness Workshop, USGBC Texas West Region, March 2019

  • Biomimicry & Biology, CNM Community College, Albuquerque NM, November 2018

  • How to Use LEEDv4 EQ7 Successfully for Better Daylight Design Outcomes, Greenbuild Chicago, November 2018

  • Biomimicry Walking Exploration for City of Albuquerque Planning, October 2018

  • Biomimicry & Engineering, ASHRAE Albuquerque Chapter September 2018

  • Keynote, YAF Newly Licensed Architects Gala, Albuquerque NM August 2018

  • The Green Building Movement, Albuquerque NM July 2018

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  • Nature & Design, Teen Science Cafe at Explora, Albuquerque NM June 2018

  • Advancing Institutional Energy Management, Green Schools Conference May 2018

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  • An Insider’s Approach to LEEDv4, Albuquerque NM October 2017

  • Using LEEDv4 to Advance Institutional Goals, Albuquerque NM July 2017

  • Green Building Series - High School Teacher Training, Albuquerque NM July 2017

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  • Sustainability II, The University of New Mexico, Fall 2013

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  • Technology Roundtable – Lean, BIM, LEED, AGC Superintendent Boot Camp, Albuquerque NM October 2013

  • LEED: Who Needs It? Southwest Regional Conference, Denver CO October 2013

  • LEED and Federal Contracting, Commercial Real Estate Development Association, Albuquerque NM June 2013

  • LEED in 2013 – Changes are Coming! Society of Marketing Professionals, Albuquerque NM April 2013

  • ID+C 301: Implementing the LEED ID+C Rating System, Greenbuild San Francisco CA November 2012

  • Growing School District Partnerships, Bozeman MT, Phoenix AZ, Oakland CA, October 2012

  • LEED Building Design & Construction Exam Prep, Albuquerque NM Spring 2012

  • Teaching Green Building Concepts in the Classroom, Albuquerque NM, April 2012

  • Green Advantage Certified Practitioner Training, Albuquerque NM, Spring 2012

  • Biomimicry & Architecture, Albuquerque NM October 2011

  • LEED 205: Green Buildings and Preparing for the LEED Green Associate, Online Summer 2011

  • Technical Application of LEED for New Construction, Taos NM, Aug. 2011, Albuquerque NM October 2011 & May 2012

  • BD+C 301: Implementing the LEED BD+C Rating Systems, Albuquerque NM April 2011

  • Introduction to LEED & Green Building for Civil Engineers, Albuquerque NM, February 2011

  • AGC of America Building to LEED, Alb. NM Fall 2010, Spring 2011, Summer 2011, Spring 2012

  • Green Associate Exam Prep, Alb. NM Fall 2010, Spring 2011, Summer 2011, Spring 2012

  • NCCER Your Role in the Green Environment, Albuquerque NM Spring 2010, Spring 2012

  • LEED & NM Incentive Programs, Santa Fe NM May 2009

  • Regenerative Design, Albuquerque NM May 2009

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  • Introduction to Green Building for Realtors, Las Cruces NM Oct 2007

  • Innovations & Practical Applications Using LEED, El Paso TX Apr 2007

  • The Practical Application of LEED, Albuquerque NM Mar 2007 & Jan 2008

  • Sustainable Approach for Mortgage Financing, Albuquerque NM Nov 2006

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  • The Architect’s Role in Shaping a Sustainable Future, Albuquerque NM Oct 2006

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  • Green Architecture, Albuquerque NM Sep 2001, 2002 & 2003

  • Sustainable Village Development Projects in New Mexico, Santa Fe NM Mar 2000

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