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Make Your Voice Heard: Support HB15

As advocates for human health and environmentally sustainable buildings, we pay close attention to legislation that can benefit our community. New Mexico House Bill 15 (HB15) involves the 2021 Sustainable Buildings Tax Credit currently being evaluated by NM State lawmakers. HB15 creates new incentives for homes and commercial buildings to include requirements such as broadband access and energy efficient fixtures which will ultimately lower the energy bills of many New Mexicans and improve community health through reduced emissions. HB15 also allows low-income individuals or affordable housing developments to take advantage of refundable double credits.

The time to voice your support for this bill is now. Take action by emailing or calling the legislators listed below, and plan on attending the virtual committee meeting on Saturday February 6th at 9:00am MT.

House, Energy Tax, Business and Transportation Committee Members Matthew McQueen, chair,, (505) 490-1989

Melanie Stansbury, vice chair,, (505) 750-7079

Christine Chandler, , (505) 695-2646

Meredith Dixon,, (505) 401-8339

Joanne Ferrary,, (575) 649-1231

Rod Montoya,, (505) 360-1510

Kristina Ortez,, (575) 770-7792

Debra Sariñana,, (505) 559-2200

Larry Scott, , (575) 392-5960

James Strickler,, (505) 327-9240

James Townsend,, (575) 703-0153


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